PLAS/MAGIC® Milk Fortifier

Milk Fortifier

Specially formulated milk fortifier to be used with either whole milk or milk replacer. Provides essential nutrients for young calves and helps support calf health during the early stages of growth and development.

5 lb Pail (34920826)
25 lb Pail (34920821)
50 lb Bag (34920822)

PLAS/MAGIC® Milk Fortifier

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A patented formulation that allows plasma to be added to whole milk or milk replacer at an economical cost per calf, per day. Enriched with direct-fed microbials, select sugars, garlic extract, electrolytes and high levels of vitamins to help support intestinal health. PLAS/MAGIC Milk Fortifier can be your cornerstone for building successful calf management program.


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